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Heart Rate as a Measure of Physical ExertionEdit

Effort is very hard to measure, as it is internally or externally. Frame of mind makes exagerates a person's actual condition pushing far beyond normal limits, or bringing down performance quite drastically. In the end, we look to the Body's own involuntary and automatic responses to tell us where we really are.

Heart Rate as a Performance tool can help us overcome natural cognitive biases that prevent us from accurately assessing our condition because it can be careful measured and tracked. When a historical database is created, by writing down our performance at different levels of exertion, we develop a better understanding of limits and potential.

Resting Heart Rate (BPM)Edit


Alert and Mentally Active Heart Rate (+10% BPM)Edit


Very Light Exertion (+20% BPM)Edit

Very Intense Mental Activity or Very Light physical activity


Light Exertion (+30% BPM)Edit

Walking, Hiking


Medium Exertion (+60% BPM)Edit

Paced Running,


Heavy Exertion (+80% BPM)Edit



Maximum Exertion (+100 BPM)Edit

Sprinting, Carrying the heaviest weight (often a dangerous amount of weight to wield).


Trouble Shooting.

Unusual Heart rates can be a marker of a problem or a factor that has failed to be noticed.


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